Big Event Photography
(and the smaller ones too!)​

Big Event Photography provide event photography throughout Scotland providing corporate and private events with photography solutions that meet their needs.
Detail shot from private party event
Who are we?
Duncan has almost a decade of experience and works with a team of specialist photographers to allow him to scale his coverage to any event. We are very customer focused and this is an ethos instilled throughout our team, ensuring that all the people that step in front of the camera have a fun experience and get the most out of their event photographs.
What do we do?
Stunt performer at TruckFest
As an expert event photographer Duncan, with his team, offers a range of services for your events, instant onsite prints, secure digital galleries, an onsite studio and other specialist services. Any additional photographers brought along to cover your event will be experienced and dedicated staff offering the same level of professional service. For specialist activities, such as sporting events we will bring in team members that are dedicated to the type of event.
David Elliott Best Actor 2015 at BAFTA Scotland
Choose us for your event!
We approach each job with dedicated professionalism, but also a great sense of fun and enjoyment in what we do. We depend on your trust in us to cover your event and reward that trust with exceptional results. We can cater our services to any event, large or small, with the flexibility to provide you with exactly the photography you need..