Corporate event photography, conference photography and product launches

We know how important good photography can be for your event.
For corporate events a tailored photography service can be designed to suit your needs. Contact us today with details of your requirements and we can provide a detailed quote.
For conferences we can set up a quick portrait “booth” at registration and publish a labelled photo wall of attendees and/or speakers to enhance the networking possibilities at your event. We can also cover panels, key speakers and happenings during your conference as well as getting more general pictures of the participants to capture all the important elements of the day.
For your grand balls, award ceremonies or other major events we can provide the full red carpet photography experience with our photographers capturing your guests arriving either “paparazzi” style or with a studio backdrop and lights setup. With additional photographers we can also cover the key moments of the event itself as well as informal pictures of the attendees. This is where professional photography really makes a difference for the event organisers and attendees.
The launch of a new product or project is always a key moment for a company. We can capture the occasion with a mixture of photography and video and we can also arrange product photography to support the event itself.


If your event requires a watermark or other branding we can arrange for this to be included in our prints and digital files. This can also include any tag lines you might want to include. This would be discussed and arranged at least a week before any event to allow us time to design and implement your watermark and ensure that it meets your requirements. This is a complimentary service and does not incur a charge. Any last minute branding or changes will be subject to a nominal administrative fee and done on a best effort basis.
We can also arrange signage and arrange a branded backdrop to suit your photos if that is what you’re needing. A fully branded experience means that the event organisers and sponsors get the most out of the photographs we produce.


For events where prints are required, prints can be pre ordered and given to your guests within seconds of their picture being taken, or ordered and delivered on site. We can provide a secure web gallery for guests to order prints after an event, or the event organiser can opt to receive the pictures in a digital format. We can also offer print packages to combine different print sizes. You can also #YourEvent and we can gather these images together for you and even print them on site for you and your attendees.

Social media

If you want to make your event public and generate buzz then having a live or semi live feed of photos can be a great way of recording things. We can upload images as we go and load them to a social media portal (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc.) for your attendees to view and share.

Events further afield

If your event is some distance from our central operating area, we may incur extra expenses for travel and accommodation for our team. We will of course factor this into any quote that is given, ensuring we get the best value for your money.  Our team can travel to any location throughout Scotland, the UK and even international locations.