Sports, motorsports and other motoring events

We know how important good photography is to recording your event, whether it be a jumper leaping a hurdle or a mountain biker hurtling down a track in the woods.
We select our team to suit the sport, so that we’ll know how to find the best place and best angles to record the most important parts of your event. We’ll also be there to record prize givings/medals and other key moments at your event.
Our coverage is tailored to your event and we can provide onsite photography printing, a secure web site option for print ordering or digital files for the event organisers.
Motoring events
Car enthusiasts from all over Scotland and beyond meet throughout the country for different car rallies and events, whether it be the VW enthusiasts at Volksfling, the Truckers at Truckfest.
We know how important it is to event organisers to get great pictures of their event so that they can promote future events and add value for those attending the event.
We can actually provide live prints at the event, recording the vehicles, the attendees and all the things going on at your event.
We can also provide a secure gallery that can be shared with attendees/participants which is ideal for those seeking to provide larger print options.
Our photography team can record your event, your cars or any element of your event and any quote for our services will be tailored to precisely what the organisers need.
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